Every 98 seconds,
an American is sexually assaulteD

Women ages 18-34 are at a higher risk of sexual assault and rape than the general population. For years the weight has been put on women to protect themselves. The current conversation tells women to dress modestly, stay in groups, and not drink too much. But those merely serve as warnings, rather than tools they can use to feel prepared.

SmartStraw is a date rape drug detection straw still undergoing testing. My small team had the opportunity to form everything from the overall brand image to the specific tone and messaging. While college women are currently being told to dress a certain way or do a certain thing, SmartStraw is an actual tool that they can use to feel more prepared.

SmartStraw letS you continuE your nighT
on your own terms

The Straw

SmartStraw is the size a regular cocktail straw. When dipped in a drink, one line or two lines will appear to indicate the presence of common date rape drugs.



Dry Straw
No Reading



Wet Straw
Negative Reading: Safe Drink



Wet Straw
Positive Reading: Drugged Drink



Packaging and Keychain Container




Partnering with Sephora and incorporating other beauty brands that focus on empowering women, SmartStraw will put out a quarterly, themed subscription box to raise awareness. This all revolves around the idea that women can and should own their night. 

The Box


The boxes will be given to beauty influencers on YouTube and Instagram to review and talk to their subscribers about sexual assault.  With links provided, a subscriber could then purchase a SmartStraw box from SmartStraw's site. After the 3 month time limit on the straw is up, the customer can either get another subscription box with another 3 pack, or purchase the straws off the site. 


Instagram STORIES



In a perfect world, SmartStraw would never test positive.
If it does, though, we've got you covered.


Strategist: Melissa Jackson
Copywriter: Evan Chiplock
Art Director: Brittani Kelzenberg