Foo Dog's Manga Bar

Foo Dog opened in April 2013 near the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University. It boasts about being the only anime bar in Richmond, Virginia, is still always packed after 5 years, and I got to design the bar top. This project took around 40 hours, many pages of manga, and a gallon and a half of special goo before a professional resin-layer came in to seal it all.


Foo Dog: Asian Street Food, as they go by on Facebook, has a Facebook rating of 4.7 stars, has been liked by over 3,600 people, and over 6,500 have checked in there. Needless to say, it's pretty popular in the Richmond area. In 2017, it garnered more more attention on the internet when it reached the front page of /r/Anime on Reddit. This is a community that rolls over 474,000 people deep. It's sparked 140 comments and insane travel plans (4,208.83 miles (6,773.45 km)). You can visit the reddit thread, and see people try to guess what different manga I put on the bar, here.


Selected Images