Oh, hi! Hello!

I'm Brittani, a VCU Brandcenter graduate with a background in illustration and design and a 5-star Lyft rating. 

When I was 17, I told Dale Earnhardt Jr. I hated racing to his face. He told me to try it again when I was old enough to drink. 

I once dressed up as Drake and none of my friends recognized me. I've also dressed up as Walter White. In 7th grade I won Funniest Costume at a dance dressed as a Chik-Fil-A cow (complete with stuffed udder).

I listen to Pride and Prejudice fan novels when cleaning, have been to the Antiques Roadshow, attend MAGfest yearly, recently fulfilled a dream of going to Japan, and probably know more about Hey Arnold! than you do. 

As of late, I've picked up rollerskating and am currently learning how to skate backwards.

Oh! And I make my own kimchi. 

Ask me about my go-to karaoke list. :) 



email: hello@bkelz.com

Something Kinda Cool ? ? ?


I photoshopped Paul Venables' face on Mel Gibson's.
He used it for his presentation at Cannes.




Venables Bell and Partners
Art Direction and Design Intern
Saw San Francisco and got my ass put to work.


Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Environmental Graphic Designer
Ever wonder who makes all those signs that tell you where things are?

WHRO Public Media
Graphic Designer
Found my confidence through supportive coworkers.


Dollar Tree Stores
Web Graphic Designer
The Great Cubicle Sea is real.


Free Agents Marketing
Graphic Designer
First taste of Agency Life™.

Children's Museum of Richmond
Intern then Graphics Assistant
Somebody gave me a chance and I learned Illustrator in two weeks to prove I was worth it.




Where I Developed a Hatred of Basements:

VCU Brandcenter
Business; Art Direction
Class of 2018

Where I Grew a Pair of Ovaries:

Communication Arts and Design
Class of 2013