Jihan Garland is a personal friend of mine from undergrad at Virginia Commonwealth University. For as long as I've known him, his life has revolved around going to the gym. At one point he actually passed out at the school's gym and my roommate and I had to make sure he got to the emergency room safely. He's since developed better training habits, but the gym is no less an important part of his life. Nowadays he's participating in (and winning) powerlifting competitions. My classmates saw the same drive that I saw and agreed to make a short documentary about him.


Latest Update:


On March 10, 2018, Jihan won first place in his weight class at the 2018 USA Powerlifting Virginia State Championship. Below is a picture of him and his now fiancé and a few gifs I got from the competition. 

IMG_8671 2.jpg

Team: Dylan Tucson Ranson, Kate Ursu, Tony Jorgensen, and Brittani Kelzenberg