Karaoke Song Selector Lite

Have you ever been out with a group of friends, pumped for some karaoke, but for some reason can't think of a good song? Karaoke is a favorite pastime of mine, and after bringing my partner along so many times... we got to thinking that there should be a tool that helps you pick the perfect song. I pushed for extremes, he pushed for simplicity. I hadn't gotten around to checking out InVision or Sketch, so I used this as an opportunity to explore the programs.


KSS Lite only requires you answer two very important questions:

How drunk are you? and How well can you sing?

There are five varying degrees of each.

Depending upon the users selections, different well-known karaoke songs will be populated. 

Some important thoughts/goals when it came to design:

It must be simple enough for a person who has been drinking to use it.

It must have mechanics that are more on the fun side.

The theme must be dark so you won't blind yourself when using in a dark space.



Let's See This Baby in Action!


Process Sketches