Audible produces more audiobooks than anyone else.
They also hire more actors than anyone in NYC.
Some of these actors are actors you already know.


OOH Audio Spotlight Bus Shelter

What seems like a still image advertisement comes to life once a person sits down. A sensor triggers the screen and Kate Winslet begins to read to a visitor while the use of audio spotlight makes it so that only that visitor can hear the story being read to them.


Body Pillow

Make your Audible experience even more intimate with a body pillow of your favorite Audible actor that will
read to you while you get your cuddle on.

Roadtrip Livestream

Books are listened to on road trips. So it makes sense to go where road-tripping people go—rest stops and sight seeing locations. Pop-up touring vans will be all around the US delivering an Audible experience and access to exclusive content. 


In one of these vans, however, Samuel L. Jackson and an Audible customer will be taking a road trip while Mr. Jackson reads aloud to his new BFF. All of it will be livestreamed from inside the vehicle. Awkward silences, book reading, pit stops, and heavy conversations all included. 

Hotel Content

Watch Colin Firth read to you in the comfort of your hotel room.

Watch Colin Firth read to you in the comfort of your hotel room.

Audible's Little Library

Audible will place Little Libraries up in airports, rest stops, and bus stations while also placing a few of their own books in pre-existing Little Libraries. When someone pulls out a book Audible has put in, they'll be able to read the first few pages of the novel, then have the option to scan a QR code for a free download of the title they picked up.


Original Audible Audio Player

Because nostalgia.


Copywriter: Evan Chiplock
Art Director: Brittani Kelzenberg